Sunday 14 OT A - 5 July 2020 - Psalter Week 2

First Reading: Zech 9:9-10 - See now, your king comes humbly to you.

Psalm: Ps 144: 1-2. 8-11. 13-14 r. 1 - I will bless your name for ever, O God my King

Second Reading: Rom 8:9, 11-13 - If by the Spirit you put an end to the misdeeds of the body, you will live.

Gospel Acclamation: cf. Matt 11:25 -

Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for revealing the mysteries of the kingdom to mere children.

Gospel: Matt 11:25-30 - I am gentle and humble of heart.

We hope that our parish will be able to resume Mass from 11 July.

The Sunday obligation continues to be suspended, so please consider which Mass time suits your personal circumstances: Saturday 6pm - Sunday 11am - Monday 9.30am - Friday 7pm

Attendance will be by pre-booking ONLY.

This is due to a limit on numbers permissible in the church – the limited for our parish is 47.

Booking can now be made by email

or telephone 01522 522971 on Monday and Tuesday 9am – 3:30pm.

A waiting list system will be in place.

Social distancing will be 2m, so please observe this. Stewards will assist in arriving and leaving so that people are kept safe. Please arrive in time to allow for a managed arrival to take place, and for Mass to start on time.

There will unfortunately be NO TOILET facilities available.

If someone in your household displays symptoms of Covid19, then please stay at home.

If you are in the shielding category, then please continue to protect yourself by staying at home as per government guidance, and praying for the Parish community.

You can follow online Mass with Canon Eddy Jarosz VG from Saints Peter and Paul, Lincoln on YouTube: search for ssppchurchlincs or

You can follow online Mass with Bishop Patrick from his private chapel on YouTube:

The following Mass intentions will be said:

Sunday 5 July [Sunday 14 OT] - Missa Pro Populo (for the people)

Monday 6 July - John Condon Thanksgiving intention

Tuesday 7 July - Mary and Peter Brogan intentions

Wednesday 8 July - Brogan, O’Donnell & Creane families

Thursday 9 July - Ken Kirk RIP

Friday 10 July -John Keane RIP

Saturday 11 July - Canon Colin Taylor RIP - 75th Birthday Remembrance

Sunday 12 July [Sunday 15 OT]

09.30am @ St. Hugh’s - Missa Pro Populo (for the people)

11am @OLoL -

6pm @ St. Hugh’s - John Keane RIP anniversary

Fr. PATRICK hopes to return some time after flights become possible to England, and his country lifts international flight restrictions at the end of this month. Please keep him in your prayers. He sends you all greetings.

CONFESSIONS can now be heard. If anyone would like to celebrate the Sacrament then please contact Fr. Matthew to make an arrangement.

Please pray for those recently deceased:

Sister Rita Wynn - Sister of Mercy – died 28 June

Georg Ratzinger - brother of the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - died 1 July, aged 96.

Please remember those whose anniversaries occur during this week:

Anthony Lawson, Urban Hernandez, Dom Kelly, Bishop Edward Ellis, Mary Toyne, Mary O'Sullivan, Edna Hornby, Joseph Monaghan, Agnes Lennox, Jane Norman, Angela Cowmeadow, Patrick Murray, Joseph Collins, Jesse Thomas, John Hopkinson, Elsie Strahan, Patrick Desmond, Jim Hazeldene, Dick Pompa, Patricia Hagon

Please unite yourselves in prayer, by joining Fr. Matthew and our Deacons, from your homes, in offering Vespers for the sick, at 6pm every Sunday. Fr. Matthew will light a candle for each of them, and pray for them by name:

Sr. Agnes, John MacLaughlin, Nancy Wright, Liz Day, Ed Davis, Joan Pratt, Joan Crick, Ken Scott, Tom Avern, Jennifer Rushworth, Mary Howard, Sheila Ludwig, Sheila Wade, Claire Campbell, Gwen McDonald, Noel Watson, Shane Drayton, Frank Davis, Mgr. Charlton, Peter Adams, Christopher Browne, Fr. Colum Kelly, Doreen Mitchell, Barbara Haughty, Jo Sherry, Jo Wilson, Tom O’Connor, Steve Rudman, Sandra Jones, Christopher Browne, Lamorna Richards, Michele Burrell, Heather Julian, Peter Lindeman


Once the church re-opens, all small donations (loose plate) given to cover the missing weeks since the lockdown, should be given in separate envelopes and marked accordingly as separate donations. This will enable GASDS to be claimed even if the donation is over the usual £30 limit. This is a temporary measure only, allowed by HMRC due to the closure of our Churches. Once our Churches are re-opened the usual regulations of £30 or less on cash and contactless giving will apply.


Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic our Churches have been hit hard by a lack of income, and we have been thinking of ways in which this can, to a degree, be prevented in the future. All contributions made by parishioners are very much appreciated at any time, but the generosity of those of you who have continued to give via Online Banking and Standing Order, and cash/cheques received through the post, during this difficult time, has been valued greatly. Thank you!!

Many parishioners contribute through Planned Giving Envelopes or loose plate and we are asking you if your circumstances allow, to re-consider your way of giving and use either Online Banking or, if you are not online, the paper standing order method.

The advantages to this are:

  • Usually free of charge for both payer and payee
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Useful for making recurring contributions
  • Helps the Parish to have a reliable income each month to assist in forward planning
  • You can increase or decrease your offering at any time by contacting your bank
  • Less cash handling within the parish
  • Increased security as less cash being kept on Church premises, and being taken to the bank


Please also remember if you are a taxpayer, gift aid can be claimed from your donations e.g.: If you donate £20.00 per month, this would become £25.00 at no extra cost to yourself. If you wish to do this there are Gift Aid Declaration Forms attached to the standing order forms (or to request one online please email: Once the form is completed please scan in the form and email: Your declaration can then be included on the system, and going forward all your donations, once submitted to HMRC, can receive gift aid. The gift aid office will advise all parishes of any new declarations received, so their records are kept up to date.

ONLINE BANKING – Standing Order set up

If you have internet access and your bank account is online, setting up your standing order is much simpler, and you would need only to include the parish bank details (these details can be obtained from the Parish Office) and reference: z (followed by your surname and first initial) alongside your own details.

If you do not have access to Online Banking but you still wish to contribute by standing order, please request a Standing Order Form from the Parish Office and:

  • Complete the form in full
  • Include the parish bank details
  • this information can be obtained from the parish office
  • Include the reference: z (followed by your surname and first initial)
  • Take to your bank
  • Please let the Parish Secretary have a copy for parish use