Our Lady of Lincoln

Roman Catholic Church

The Presbytery, Laughton Way, Lincoln LN2 2HE

Message of the Holy Father – Lent 2024 

When our God reveals Himself, His message is always one of freedom.  The call to freedom is a demanding one.  It is not answered straightaway; it has to mature as part of a journey.  Lent is the season of grace. Lent is a season of conversion, a time of freedom.  It is time to act, and in Lent, to act also means to pause. To pause in prayer, in order to receive the word of God.  For this reason, prayer, almsgiving and fasting are not three unrelated acts, but a single movement of openness and self-emptying, in which we cast out the idols that weigh us down, the attachments that imprison us. Then the withered and isolated heart will revive.  Slow down, then, and pause!  The contemplative dimension of life, that Lent helps us to rediscover, will release new energies.  I invite every Christian community to do just this: to offer its members moments set aside to rethink their lifestyles, times to examine their presence in society, and the contribution they make to its betterment.  To the extent that this Lent becomes a time of conversion, an anxious humanity will notice a burst of creativity, a flash of new hope.  

I bless all of you and your Lenten journey. - FRANCIS 

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. John St. John  

Parish Safeguarding Representative:   

Mrs. Elaine Clare  Elaine.ClarePSR@dioceseofnottingham.uk 

Parish Deacon:  Rev. Mr. Warren Peachey



Tuesday (morning) 9.30am

Thursday (morning) 9.30am

Friday (evening) 7pm

[Adoration 6pm-7pm]

Saturday  (morning) 9:30am

[Adoration 10am-12pm]

Saturday 6pm (Vigil)

SUNDAY 9:30am (with Children's Liturgy)  

SUNDAY 11am (with Music group)  

Telephone: 01522 522971

Parish Office Hours:   

Monday to Wednesday - 10am to 2pm

Thursday - 8:15am to 1:15pm

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