Parish Information


The 200 Club is being introduced to assist in the raising of funds for the general expenses and responsibilities of the the Parish.
The 200 Club is very easy to join and every participant gets the chance to win monthly, quarterly and annual prizes.
Members of the 200 Club must be 18 years old to join.
The subscription of £5 per month can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually in advance, by bank standing order, cheque or cash.
All you need to do is decide HOW MANY NUMBERS YOU WANT, complete your details on the relevant form, decide how you wish to pay,
(preferably by Standing Order from your bank) and hand it in to the Parish Office to get you entered.
You will receive a card confirming your monthly number(s) and the winning numbers will be posted in the Parish Bulletin.
Although we are calling it the 200 CLUB membership will not be restricted to a maximum of 200 if there is sufficient demand. 
We shall begin running the draw from April 2015, with a minimum enrolled membership of 50.

Prizes paid out will depend upon the number of entrants, as shown in the scheme below.


Monthly Draw Dates                    February, March, May, June, August, September, November & December.

Quarterly Draw Dates                 April, July & October.

Annual Draw                                   January.

N.B. Please complete the bank standing order form if that is your preferred method of payment.  (These are available on the table in the Narthex or from the Parish Office).
Everyone is required to fill in our CONTACT SHEET/2 giving your name, address and signature, if you are PAYING BY BAKERS ORDER, CASH OR CHEQUE.
A SEPARATE  form is required for each entry.



1. The name of the draw is Our Lady of Lincoln R.C. Church 200 Club ("the Lottery") regardless of the number of shares.

2. The purpose of the Lottery is to raise funds for the sole benefit of Our Lady of Lincoln R.C. Church ("the Church").

3. The Lottery will be administered by a promoter appointed by the Parish Priest.

4. The Lottery shall run continuously from April 2015 and the first draw will take place during the first week of May 2015.

5. Subsequent draws will take place on the first Sunday of every month.  Quarterly draws will take place in April, July & October
The first annual Draw will be in January 2016.
In the months when Quarterly and Annual draws are held there will be no monthly draw.
The minimum of 50% of the total of the annual revenue will be paid out in prizes.

6. The Lottery will be open to anybody aged 18 or over.  A purchaser of a share becomes a participant in the lottery.  Participants are entitled to hold any number of shares.

7. The number of sharse in the Lottery shall not be limited to a maximum of 200 and each share shall be allocated a unique number.  Membership tickets will be issued.
Participants may confirm the number of their allocated share(s) by contacting the promoter.

8. The subscription for each share is £5 per month payable in advance, preferably by Standing Order.  Payment may also be by standing order, cheque, or cash, quarterly,
half-yearly or yearly in advance.

9. Numbers will be allocated in sequence when applications are received.  No preference for a particular number will be granted.

10. Eligibility of Prize Draws:-
                                                  Monthly Draw & Quarterly Draws - all paid up members will be eligible to win all prizes.
                                                  Annual Draw - members in the scheme for more than 6 months will have the opportunity of winning one of the three prizes.
                                                  Members in the scheme for more than 3 months but less than 6 months, have the opportunity of winning one of the two smaller prizes.
                                                  Members in the scheme for 3 months or less have the opportunity of winning the smallest prize.

11. Winners will be paid by cheque, which will be sent to the last known address held by the promoter.  No number can win more that one prize in any draw.
A list of prize winning numbers will be published  in the Parish Bulletin.

12. The Promoter will only pay the named Participant  owning the winning share a prize, and no other individual.

13. In keeping with the relevant legislation, no Lottery Participant may be included in the draw if the subscription has not been received.  It is the responsibility of each Participant to make sure they have paid their subscription.

14. Participants can cancel their entry in the Lottery at any time by giving one month's written notice to the Promoter.  Any decision by the Parish to end the Lottery will also be by one month's notice to all participants.

15. The Promoter will determine any disputes.  An appeal may be made to the Parish Finance Committee whose decision shall be final.

16. The Lottery is intended to be a Small Society Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 Section 19.

17. The Promoter and Parish Finance Committee may amend or vary the rules of the Lottery at any time.  The rules of the Lottery will be available via this Parish website.
Changes will be notified to Participants via the Parish Bulletin and this Parish website.

18. The promoter of the Lottery from the above date is:  Reverend Canon Colin Taylor.