Hospital Visits

If you know you are going to have serious surgery, it is a good idea to ask for the Sacrament of the Sick, before you go into hospital. This is a source of grace for you at a stressful time.

The chaplaincy department has the responsibility of providing for the pastoral, religious and spiritual care of all patients, their relatives and carers, as well as the staff on all hospital sites.

They are there for all people of any faith or none.

Fr Matthew Jakes is Catholic Chaplain at Lincoln County Hospital. Please contact St. Hugh's on (01522) 528961, to request a visit during the week, and arrange Holy Communion on Sundays.

Please also inform our Parish office so that Deacons John and Warren know you are in hospital too.

The hospital chaplaincies do try to keep us informed about Catholic patients, but we like to ensure no one slips through the net.

Other Hospitals

Please contact the Parish Office

(01522) 522971

UPDATE: Kit Wash Bags for front line health workers: HELP NEEDED!

We want to find out whether care homes, residential homes, nursing homes, healthcare providers require these Kit Bags that are being made across the churches. Lincoln County Hospital have enough of them, so we are wanting to ensure that other front line health workers have an opportunity to receive them.

If you work in any of these places, or have contacts in them - please ask whether they could make use of these.

Sue Boughton-Thomas is coordinating this for GLAFN, so if you can help connect them to the establishments who require them, or you would like to be involved with making these, please contact her on

Supporting keyworkers with PPE:

If you know of any needs for Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), in the City of Lincoln, please contact as he is compiling a list of the need, and working to source protective wear for key workers.

Also, if you would like to donate to any funds to this, please contact John and he will advise the best way you can do this.